Posted Fri, Jun 1st, 2012
By Leigh Sullivan
Nitrogen Generators

McKinley Scientific is now a value-added re-seller of Peak Scientific's Nitrogen Generators. Instead of going through two companies to purchase your mass spectrometer with us and then a nitrogen generator with Peak Scientific, you can now get everything in one shot at McKinley Scientific to make your mass spectrometer run smoothly.

Peak Scientific has developed a line of Nitrogen Generators made specifically for the application of an LC/MS system. The Genius series allow two separate mass spectrometers to be supplied by the same Generator with independent control. Other Nitrogen Generators are designed as a stand-alone system to provide gas to LCMS applications. Peak Scientific has also designed particular Nitrogen Generators for use with major manufacturers' specific mass spectrometers.

The Nitrogen Generators are applicable for more than just LC/MS applications. In fact, whether you need a Nitrogen Generator for an LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, Turbovap, ELSD, or NMR application- we can assist you find the perfect one that suitable for your laboratory's needs.

All of the Nitrogen Generators from Peak Scientific have been tested and also have been approved by major mass spectrometer manufacturers like Agilent Technologies, Waters Corporation, and AB SCIEX. They are the perfect accompaniment for your newly leased or purchased mass spectrometer.

Peak Scientific's inventory of Nitrogen Generators:

  • Genius 3010 Nitrogen Gas Generator
  • Genius 3020 Nitrogen Gas Generator
  • Genius 3030 Nitrogen Generator
  • Genius 3013 Nitrogen Generator
  • Genius 3022 Nitrogen Generator
  • Genius 3023 Nitrogen Generator
  • Genius 1022 Nitrogen Generator
  • Genius 1023 Nitrogen Generator
  • NM32LA Nitrogen Generator
  • ABN2ZA Nitrogen Generator
  • AB-3G Nitrogen Generator
  • NX18LA Nitrogen Generator
  • NG Range - UHP Nitrogen Generators
  • NM Range - Nitrogen Generator
  • NM20Z - NM80Z Range - Nitrogen Generator
  • ANG Range - Air & Nitrogen Generator
  • NG10L-HP UHP Nitrogen Generator
  • NM 3G Nitrogen Generator
  • NM20ZL Nitrogen Generator