Posted Thu, Jun 28th, 2012
Waters ZQ 2000 Mass Spectrometer

McKinley's TharSFC Analytical Package has recently come off-lease, thus enabling another laboratory to benefit from its analytical and purification applications. TharSFC, a Waters Company, is committed to creating renewable technologies.

Thar's SFC cutting edge systems are considered green technology, since they use carbon dioxide as the main mobile phase (carbon dioxide offers environmental and cost benefits compared to liquid chromatography solvents).  The TharSFC systems are used in pharmaceutical, life sciences, chemical, and petrochemical companies, as well as government agencies, research institutions, and universities because of Waters TharSFC's innovation in the scientific field.

McKinley Scientific's off-lease TharSFC's Analytical Package includes:

  • Method Station Analytical SFC System - 110V with PDA
  • Kit, Method Station Spare Parts
  • Kit, MS ZQ with PDA 2998 & Alias Interface
  • Demo Waters ZQ 2000 Mass Spectrometer [with Masslynx 4.1, APCI probe, ESI probe]
  • Installation & Familiarization

The TharSFC Analytical Method Station II with PDA (110V) also includes:

  • External cooling bath
  • Fluid delivery module for CO2 and 6 solvent selection
  • Alias Autosampler
  • Waters PDA 2998 Detector
  • Analytical-2-Prep Column Oven
  • Back Pressure Regulator
  • Control system and LCD monitor
  • SuperChrom Software
  • SFC Integration for Masslynx
  • 110 Volt system