Posted Wed, Jul 17th, 2013
By Joe Siple, Drummond Scientific

To Spot or Not to Spot? That Is the Question.

Indeed, that was the question at last year's CPSA Dried Blood Spot Summit workshop held last October at the Sheraton Hotel in Langhorne, PA. The evening workshop was organized by co-chairs Qin Ji (Bristol-Myers Squibb), and Olga Kavetskaia (AbbVie), and sponsored by McKinley Scientific and Drummond Scientific. The session featured leading edge oral presentations, expert commentary from an esteemed panel of DBS investigators and thought leaders, and a Q & A session. Well, that was the pre-agenda anyway. But take note below of one "eye witness account" of what really went on:

"Oh, what a night it was! What began as a somewhat typical and predictable technical workshop, in actuality, morphed into a most lively and compelling debate on the merits and limitations of dried blood spot. Soon other biological matrices were pulled into focus. Speakers, panelists, participants seated at their tables  – no doubt sustained by the wonderful  food and drink -  collectively joined in volleys and field maneuvers that persisted well into the evening. At the heightened peak, shouts of anarchy, outcries of insurrection, and screams of rebellion spilled out of the banquet room and into the very hallways of the Sheraton Langhorne, thusly drawing into the fray ever increasing numbers of fresh troops from (by then concluded) other CPSA workshop sessions. Upon culmination of the skirmish, many of the blood-spotted survivors acknowledged enlightenment, if not concordance on the issues. These courageous souls vowed to live long enough to carry forward this important debate yet again someday."

[Ed. Note – Ahhh, perhaps the observer who related the above may have allowed a minute degree of hyperbole (again sustained by the wonderful food and drink?) to creep into an otherwise objective accounting of the evening...but, no doubt you will agree the vitality of that event is sufficiently conveyed].

Much Ado About Microsampling - The Battle Rages On

Although compiled accounts of the last year's CPSA Dried Blood Spot Summit vary somewhat - some even  labeling it "The Battle of the Blood Matrices" - it is apparent that the debate over the pros and cons of dried blood spotting, as well as sampling techniques  involving other biological matrices, continues.  To embrace the various matrices, a newer, more encompassing term "MICROSAMPLING" is now used in the dialogue. Accordingly, it is with great anticipation that we encourage you to attend this year's CPSA event (16th Annual Symposium on Clinical and Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis Oct 7-10, 2013) including the MICROSAMPLING SUMMIT on Wednesday evening, Oct 8. The same program chairs, sponsors, and a number of the panelists will all be returning to ensure another stimulating workshop. Hope to spot you there!

Joe Siple