We would like to welcome Mike DeRogatis to the McKinley Scientific Sales and Marketing Team!

Mr. DeRogatis brings four years of clinical diagnostic recruiting experience with a broad range of sales and relationship building. “Having Mike join the firm is one of the highlights of the new year. Mike embodies our values of service, relationship and integrity, and we are excited to have him with us,” said Paul Corcoran, President of McKinley Scientific. “I am beyond excited for this new and exciting opportunity as we build and grow McKinley Scientific’s client relationships within the Clinical and Analytical market space,” said Mike.

McKinley Scientific provides a suite of asset management products and services to support the acquisition, leasing, finance, and recovery of equipment across the globe. Additionally Mike will also play a key role in client development for McKinley Capital Finance, the equipment financing arm of McKinley Scientific.

Connect with Mike DeRogatis on LinkedIn: Michael DeRogatis