Selling Surplus Trouble

The hassle of disposing of surplus instrumentation is a familiar problem in our industry. Whether it is because you do not have the time or the resources, it is difficult to liquidate your surplus analytical instrumentation.  Unfortunately liquidating your surplus equipment often results in a trade-off with a low return. However, that is where McKinley Scientific comes in...

McKinley Scientific will provide a 50%-100% improvement on your recovery value.

Consignment Approximately 20% of your instrumentation accounts for 80% of the total recovery value in  a disposition. Don't treat them the same as your  low cost items at the bottom of the pyramid. Use   an alternative disposition strategy with McKinley Scientific.

With McKinley's methodology and strategies for consigning your instrumentation, we will provide you with the maximum value on your big instrument dispositions.  Whether you need to liquidate your entire laboratory or just one instrument, McKinley Scientific team has the:

  • Industry Experience
  • Instrument Knowledge
  • Domestic and Global Markets
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technical Services
  • Large Database of Scientists get you the best market value for all of your analytical instruments!

Consignment Advantages