Equipment Financing Program

Instead of paying cash upfront, consider financing for your next laboratory instrument purchase.

When your laboratory needs equipment to scale and meet a new opportunity or to maintain growing levels of production, an equipment loan or lease could be the right move. Maintain your cash assets with a less expensive financing option.

Equipment Financing vs. Equipment Leasing: What’s the Difference?

There are other options besides straight equipment financing.

You can choose to lease the equipment instead of obtaining a loan. The benefits of leasing your equipment are a lower monthly cost and the ability to exchange your equipment for a larger or updated model.

If you know you’ll need that equipment for a while or you don’t expect newer technology to positively impact your production, equipment financing could be the right move. But if you’re looking for more flexibility, a more temporary solution and lower upfront costs, leasing equipment might make more sense.

What financing product is best for your business?

Whether your business is an established industry leader needing to stay head of the technology curve or an early stage local laboratory, we have the right product, terms and cost structure to finance your equipment needs. We offer:

  • Capital Leases
  • Term Loans
  • Fair Market Value Leases
  • Early Buy-Out Option Leases
  • Sale and Leasebacks

McKinley Capital Finance

McKinley Capital Finance is a subsidiary of McKinley Scientific, LLC.
McKinley Capital Finance provides all organizations in a variety of industries cost efficient and flexible financing options for equipment. Our consultative approach positions us to understand and assess the needs and requirements of each customer. With unlimited access to capital, we provide and arrange equipment financing transactions starting at $15,000 up to $50 Million or more for businesses nationwide and in Canada.
Our mission is to always provide prompt and superior service, highly competitive terms and creative financial structures, with the end goal of building long-term, successful client relationships.

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McKinley Capital Finance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of McKinley scientific has flexible finance options for your instrument purchase.

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