Leasing Saves Money
Leasing takes into account the residual value of the equipment at the end of the lease. You can recover the residual value up front in the form of lower lease payments by only paying for a percentage of the overall cost for a fixed period of usage.

Leasing Provides Your Company with a Better Return
In 3 years from now, a $100,000 instrument may only be worth $20,000 in the secondary market. Typically, you'll be offered pennies on the dollar by a trader who has market contacts that you do not have. More likely, the instrument will sit idle for months or years as a potential backup or spare, losing even more value and accumulating depreciation and maintenance costs. However, if you lease the instrument with McKinley you will not have to worry about depreciation.

Leasing Decreases Maintenance
Our asset management program decreases both maintenance and utility expenses through a systematic instrument replacement program without using capital funds. This program eliminates the risk of technology obsolescence and maximizes equipment residual value.

Leasing Keeps You Ahead of the Curve
When your lease has expired, you can replace your equipment with brand new technology that will keep your company ahead of the technological curve.