Why should you use our Asset Management Program?
The asset management program decreases maintenance and utility expenses by providing a systematic instrument replacement program with using capital funds. The program eliminates the risk of project or technology obsolescence and maximizes equipment residual value. New equipment increases productivity by decreasing equipment size and down time while increasing sensitivity, functionality, speed, and regulatory compliance. The asset management program eliminates equipment depreciation and related expenses (write-off, transport, storage, disposal, and personnel). Generally, employee retention and new employee recruitment is enhanced by providing state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Is Asset Management Expensive?
Purchasing instruments that do not have a long-term usefulness is very expensive and can lack the discipline of timely disposal.  Often instruments are kept around for years but lie idle. When they are eventually sold they return pennies on the dollar because their functionality cannot be guaranteed and therefore value is lost. Leasing maximizes the value by recognizing that an installed and maintained instrument has none of these uncertainties. McKinley Scientific will invest in the technology and gain a return when the instrument is sold at the end of the lease. The investment lowers the lease payment cost by accounting for the future value at the start of the lease. The net result is an efficient method for paying for usage of the instrument.

What are the pitfalls?
As long as we work as partners, there are no pitfalls. There are multiple lease structures that provide for flexibility if usage is uncertain. At the end of the lease if equipment is returned complete, working and certified, McKinley Scientific will be able to resell the instrument into secondary and tertiary markets, recover our investment, enabling us to invest in new technology with you.