Item ID: 25088068965


The Triple Quad 6500 System with revolutionary, new, multi-component IonDrive Technology merges highly-evolved sensitivity with renowned performance. Adopting an intelligent approach to increasing the limits of quantitation, the patented IonDrive Technology introduces a series of advancements that increases the quantity of ions produced while enhancing the way ions are transmitted and detected.

  • Signal-to-noise and LOQ improvement of up to five-fold over the widest range of compounds and flow rate
  • Twenty-fold increase in detector dynamic range
  • Uncompromising mass range with a 2000 m/z upper mass limit
  • Scan speeds of up to 12,000 Da/second for optimized UHPLC strategies
  • Increased throughput with polarity switching speeds of 20 msec
  • Compatibility with SelexION™ Differential Ion Mobility Technology

Key Features:

  • Part Number: 4465954
  • OPT
  • APCI Probe for Turbo V Source
  • Optiplex 990 PC
  • Analyst 1.6 Software
  • Multiquant Software
  • LCD Monitor
  • Edgeport USB to serial expansion kit