Neslab CFT-25 Chiller Recirculator


The Neslab CFT-25 Chiller Recirculator is designed to provide a continuous supply of cooling fluid at a constant temperature and volume. The unit consists of an air-cooled refrigeration system, a sealable reservoir, recirculating pump, and a temperature controller.

Item Specifics:

• Cooling capacity: 580 Watts
• Compressor HP: 0.25
• Refrigerant type: R-134a
• Temperature range: +5°C to +30°C
• External cooling: forced air cooled
• Controller: digital set point control
• Stability: ~ 0.500°C
• Minimum and maximum flow: 1 GPM
• Maximum pressure: 60 PSI
• Volts: 115 V
• 60 Hz
• 1 Phase
• Full Load Amp: 8
• Reservoir capacity: 1.8 gallons
*The pump does not work on this unit.

Availability: In Stock
Quantity: 1
Model: CFT-25
Manufacturer: Neslab
Condition: Good

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