Sorvall RC 3BP+ Centrifuge


The Sorvall RC 3BP+ Centrifuge combines outstanding convenience with exceptional ease-of-use to expedite your day to day processing.

Key Features:

• Process up to twelve 250 mL or six 550 mL blood bags, in configurations from singles to quints
• 6×1 L capacity supports batch processing in biotech and pharmaceutical enivornments
• Rotor adapters and carriers provides versatility for diverse general-purpose separation protocols
• Easy set- programming and monitoring through operator keypad
• Easy opening and closing with a lid-lock mechanism that protects operators and makes lid openings and closures effortless
• Noise level under 58 dBA
• Energy-saving design increases refrigeration efficiency and minimizes heat output, ensuring greater sample stability, reduced energy consumption, and a more comfortable working environment

Availability: In Stock
Quantity: 1
Model: Sorvall RC 3BP+ Centrifuge
Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
Condition: Good

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