Stack Cooler (Peltier Version)


The Stack Cooler (Peltier Version) is intended for use as an accessory to a CTC PAL (HTS or HTC) HPLC autosampler system.

Key Features:

▪ Peltier cooled 6DW Stack 4°C to 40°C
▪ For 6 Microtiter plates (96/384 wells) or 6 Deepwell plates (96/384 wells) or 6 PAL TrayMT2ml
▪ Includes power supply 110V/220V
▪ MC 04-01 Rev. F
▪ Serial number: 2011
Please also take a look at our inventory for the Controller to operate a Stack Cooler.

Availability: In Stock
Quantity: 4
Model: PAL StkCooler
Manufacturer: PAL CTC Analytics AG
Condition: Good

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